Active 2.0 Pressure Washer and Detailing Kits

Active 2.0 Pressure Washer and Detailing Kits

The Active 2.0 Pressure Washer is now available at The Clean Garage in three different configurations:

The OE Active 2.0 Kit

TCG Level 2 MTM Detailing Kit

TCG Complete Wall Mount Kit With 18 Configurations

The brand new Active 2.0 is a great entry level pressure washer for auto detailing. We tested their first version of this unit and it was not quite up to our standards, on the 2.0 version they have made some nice improvements and we are now confident offering it to you as an entry level pressure washer solution. For the price point this is a solid product, the pump is obviously not the same quality as the higher priced options we offer.

Why we love it:

  • Electrical Requirement - This unit will run on a standard 15 amp circuit, even with aftermarket detailing accessories(when the correct orifice sizes are used)
  • Easily Adaptable to Detailing Accessories - The simple design of the inlet and outlet and common thread sizes make this unit easily adaptable to our MTM Hydro, Mosmatic and other aftermarket detailing accessories. Scroll down for more info on fitting sizes. Also check out our complete detailing packages!
  • Can be Mounted to a Shelf or Cart- This unit is small and light, it works great on a shelf or cart and can also be moved around easily when needed
  • Great balance of GPM and PSI- With a 4.5 orifice nozzle we are seeing about 2.0 gallons per minute and 900psi which is perfect for washing cars. You can lower the orifice size to get more pressure or raise it to get more flow.
  • A great starting point - Because of the common M22 14mm outlet size any detailing accessories or packages you buy from us for this unit can be used later with units like the Kranzle 1622TS or AR630-TSS if you choose to upgrade in the future.

Factory Information on The Active 2.0 Model:

Patented 5-Piston Pro Pump - The newly engineered pro pump gives the performance benefits of the Active VE52 but with TWICE THE LIFECYCLE (Increased durability has been unleased by utilizing higher resistive and Japanese/Korean imported components in pump and motor infrastructure

HIGH WATER FLOW & PRESSURE – The 1800-watt motor with the pump helps generate a peak pressure of 1800 PSI and an increased water flow of 2.0 GPM gives you 3600 cleaning units of output

HIGH QUALITY ACCESSORIES – Equipped with a 20-foot real rubber hose (M22-14mm), 4 QC nozzles (0,15,25,40), 600ml foam blaster, metal lance, gun and 35-foot electric cord with GFCI

PRESSURE HOSE - 1/4" M22-14mm Rubber Hose (20') note: M22-15mm hoses are not compatible with this pressure washer, use appropriate accessories to connect!

2 Year Residential Warranty on Full Unit & All Accessories. Contact our customer support at 1- 844-777-4555 for required assistance.

Looking for a complete detail package? Check out all of our ACTIVE 2.0 kits here: Active 2.0


Piecing your own detailing package together? Here is what The Clean Garage Suggests:

  • Rinse Nozzles:
    • Optimal Choice: 4.5 Orifice
    • For Higher GPM: 5.0 Orifice
    • For Higher PSI: 3.5 Orifice (not suggested for washing cars)
  • Foam Cannon:
    • 1.25mm orifice should be used (do not use a 1.1 orifice as you will over work the pump and increase electrical draw)
  • Hose:
    • For an upgraded hose we suggest one of our 50' Kobrajet Hoses available in Black, Gray and Blue
    • You CAN run a longer hose but may lose some pressure and it will work the pump harder
    • We suggest ordering one of our hoses with Quick Connect Couplers on bot sides combined with the pump outlet adapter with plug listed below.
  • Quick Connects and Fitting Sizes:
    • Pump Inlet: The unit comes with a standard 3/4" GHT Female adapter installed, so a standard garden hose will connect to it without any other parts needed.
      • If you want to convert your inlet to quick connects you will need a Garden Hose QC Plug and Garden Hose QC Coupler. We have both listed in brass and stainless.
    • Pump Outlet: This unit has the most common size pump outlet M22 14MM Male
      • To adapt this to a 3/8" Plug you will need part number 24.5014 (For aftermarket hoses with a 3/8" coupler)
      • To adapt this to a 3/8" Coupler you will need part number 24.0448 (For aftermarket hoses with a 3/8" plug)
    • Active Factory Hose and Spray Gun:
      • The included ACTIVE hose is M22 14mm Female on both ends, To convert this to a 3/8" Quick Connect Coupler use part number 24.0447 or 24.5021
      • The included ACTIVE Spray Gun is M22 14mm Male. To convert this to a 3/8" Quick Connect Coupler use part number 24.5014

The Clean Garage Active 2.0 Pressure Washer

The Active 2.0 Pressure Washer and The Clean Garage Shelf

Oct 20th 2022

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