How to Calculate Panel Impact Ratio for Bilt-Hamber Soaps

How to Calculate Panel Impact Ratio for Bilt-Hamber Soaps

Apr 11th 2023

Let’s talk about Panel Impact Ratio ? 

The Clean Garage is your US source for Bilt-Hamber Laboratories detailing and anti-corrosion products from the UK. 

Our top sellers here are their two pre-wash foaming soaps Auto-Foam and Touch-Less.To get the most out of Bilt Hambers foaming soaps they suggest calculating the panel impact ratio for your exact pressure washer and foam cannon setup…it’s an extra step to take, but makes a lot of sense when you think about it since each pressure washer/foam cannon setup is mixing water and soap at a different ratio. 

In the picture below you will find the 4 easy steps to calculate your PIR and get the most out of these awesome products, most of our customers will use a foam cannon rather than the detergent bottle on their pressure washer. You can follow the same steps by filling your foam cannon bottle with 1 liter of water. Make sure you have all the settings on your cannon adjusted to where you want them.