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YUM Wheel Foam 5 Liter | High Foam Clinging Wheel Cleaner 169oz

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YUM Wheel Foam 5 Liter | High Foam Clinging Wheel Cleaner 169oz

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YUM Wheel Foam 5 Liter | High Foam Clinging Wheel Cleaner 169oz | The Clean Garage

Our latest innovation, Wheel Foam has taken a while to get just right, and now we can’t wait for you all to get a chance to try and fall in love! This special dedicated wheel cleaning formulation contains a host of surfactants to clean, degrease and maintain your wheels to the highest possible standards. Wheel Foam has been designed for use with the MTM Hydro PF22.2 Foam Cannon, to provide the best deep cleaning and dispursement abilities. One foam cannon reservoir will last you many weeks using this technique, unlike the cheaper product guzzling cannons on todays market!

  • Alkaline based formulation.
  • Highest foam-clinging time in the industry.
  • Safe for use on all surface types.

Our vision for Wheel Foam was to create the highest foam-clinging and deep cleaning capabilities available, and we have done just that. This product boasts the longest cling time in the industry and combined with a multitude of premium cleaners, it provides the best lubrication and cleaning properties around.

Wheel Foam is exclusively designed to be used via a Foam Cannon application to spread the formulation correctly and evenly onto your wheels.

Whilst we do ask for 200ml of Wheel Foam to be added to every 800ml of water, there is a big reason for this, to ensure the correct amount of cleaners and raw materials to be applied on to the wheel for the best results. One premixed foam cannon reservoir will last you many weeks!


  • Shake well before use.
  • Fill the Foam Cannon with 200ml of Wheel Foam and the remaining 800ml with clean, fresh water.
  • For best results, rinse the wheel thoroughly using a pressure washer first.
  • If available, pre-treat the wheel face and barrel with Yum Wheels.
  • Apply Wheel Foam thoroughly across the entire wheel and arches.
  • Begin the wheel cleaning process with our selection of wheel cleaning accessories.
  • Thoroughly rinse the wheel with pressure washer.
  • Continue onto the next stage of your process with a smile!

Addition Safety Information

  • Do not allow to dry on any wheel finish.
  • Make sure the wheel finish is cool to the touch and never clean straight after driving as they will be hot.

Product Size:
5000ml (169.1 FL OZ)

* Clean Garage Tip: With a 5 Liter you get 41.1 ounces more than you do a Gallon