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YUM Glass 5 Liter | Yum Cars Glass Cleaner 169oz

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YUM Glass 5 Liter | Yum Cars Glass Cleaner 169oz

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YUM Glass 5 Liter | Yum Cars Glass Cleaner 169oz | The Clean Garage

Taking advantage of new breakthroughs in polymer technology, we have created a Glass Cleaner that contains no harmful or harsh chemicals. Yum Glass cleans effortlessly, even in unforgiving conditions and features optical clarifiers that help to improve clarity and visibility.

  • Safe to use on all factory and aftermarket tinted windows.
  • Works great on both the interior and exterior glass.
  • UV Stable formulation.

Yum's eco-friendly formula contains no harmful additives that are bad for the environment or your family, making Yum Glass safe to use around the home, pets and children. The added bonus of this UV stable formula, along with its amazing bubblegum scent, makes the experience of using our glass cleaner just as great as the results it produces.

The anti-hazing formula will remove bug splats, tree sap, fingerprints, road grime and bird droppings from the outside windscreen and any oils and film from smoking or vaping from the inside.

Yum Glass also works great on navigation screens, mirrors, plastics, acrylics, flat screen televisions, smartphones, sunglasses, shower doors and all the glass and windows around your home too!

Simply spray Yum Glass onto the surface and wipe away using a clean towel. Either way you use it, Yum Glass will leave your glass clean and streak free!

We recommend a minimum of a 2 towel method, 1 towel will be used to apply and spread the product and the secondary towel is used for the pick up of contaminants and removing any residual streaks. Your towels should be periodically swapped out during the process to avoid cross contamination.

Product Size:
5000ml (169.1 FL OZ)

* Clean Garage Tip: With a 5 Liter you get 41.1 ounces more than you do a Gallon