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Griot's Garage G13 G15 Polisher Combo Kit | 3" 5" Random Orbital Pads Polish

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Griot's Garage G13 G15 Polisher Combo Kit | 3" 5" Random Orbital Pads Polish

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Griot's Garage G13 G15 Polisher Combo Kit | 3" 5" Random Orbital Pads Polish | The Clean Garage

Our Kit Includes:

  • G15 Polisher with 5" Backing Plate
  • G13 Polisher with 2" and 3" Backing Plate
  • 2x 5" RUPES Yellow Foam Pads (9.DA150M)
  • 2x 3" RUPES Yellow Foam Pads (9.DA100M)
  • 2x 2" RUPES Yellow Foam Pads (9.DA70M)
  • 250ml Sonax Perfect Finish One Step Polish

About the Griots G15:

Designed to perfection, the G15 has the power, pad rotation, and control to take your paint correcting to the next level.

  • 15mm orbit, large pad surface area produces unparalleled polishing effectiveness
  • 1,100-watt 'big block' motor delivers powerful paint correction
  • New design is a 22% increase in power versus previous tool
  • Throttle trigger allows precise, incremental speed control
  • Innovative 5" fan-cooled backing plate extends pad life

This ground-up redesign takes the best of THE BOSS™ long-throw orbitals and incorporates many of the technical innovations of the G9. The project continues the collaboration with our new manufacturing partner with all components being exclusively designed to our specifications.

For the G15, we've taken the shape of the G9 and extended the body housing by 20% to accommodate a 'big block' 1,100-watt motor. This represents a 22% increase in power versus the previous tool. In the G15, the motor delivers a speed range of 3,000 to 5,300 orbits per minute.

Among the more innovative features of this tool is its cooling strategy. Due to its long-throw articulation, the G15 could not integrate fan cooling in its counterbalance like the G9. So we engineered the G15 with its cooling fan integrated into the backing plate. This new backing plate technology was developed exclusively for these machines and is undeniably best in class.

Balancing the combined weight of a backing plate, buffing pad, and the liquid on the pad translates into less vibration and a smoother running machine. For instance, microfiber pads generally weigh nearly twice as much as a foam pad so fine tuning is beneficial. Our innovative Weight Optimization System consists of three uniquely engineered fasteners, each weight-matched to a Griot's Garage pad type to ensure you'll enjoy best in class performance from these machines.

It should be noted that long-throw polishers are not ideally suited for application of waxes and sealants. Their large throw tends to cure the wax unevenly with the exception of our BOSS™ Finishing Sealant whose formula is designed to comply with the heat cycling of long-throw orbits. The G8 or G9 are our most suitable tools for wax application.

  • Powerful 1100-watt, 10-amp motor
  • 15mm orbit throw
  • Precision CNC-machined steel counter-balance
  • Premium bearing construction
  • Fitted with BOSS 5" Fanned Orbital Backing Plate
  • 3000 - 5300 orbits per minute
  • 10-foot quick-connect 16 AWG SJO rubber power cord
  • 6 speed settings
  • Speed dial accessible for right- and left-hand users
  • Constant speed control
  • Fully variable speed trigger throttle with trigger lock
  • Double-shot rubber platypus head-grip, and strategically placed all over tool
  • Shroud grip contoured to accommodate four fingers
  • Rest pads for tool to lay stable on its back
  • Quick access brush side ports
  • Includes 5mm hex key wrench, and replacement high-carbon brushes
  • Convertible to a 6" pad system with optional BOSS 6" Fanned Orbital Backing Plate

About the Griots G13:

Expanding upon our market leading and innovative G8 Mini Random Orbital chassis, our new G13 Mini Long-Throw Orbital features professional-grade components packaged for users of any skill level can achieve show-winning results. In rare air with our powerful large format long-throw buffers, its 13mm orbit and included 2" and 3" backing plates create a complementary tool capable of supreme control and agility to precisely and efficiently address tight spaces, edge work, door jambs, and more. The CNC, electroplated aluminum counterbalance, combined with pro-grade hub translates to silky-smooth operation and massive pad rotation. The G13 delivers 62% more cutting action than the G8 and offers industry leading correction capability making it a natural stable mate alongside our G15 or G21 Long-Throw Orbitals. The epitome of performance, control, and comfort.