Griot's Garage G13 Polisher Kit | Mini Long Throw DA Pads and Polish

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Griot's Garage G13 Polisher Kit | Mini Long Throw DA Pads and Polish


  • G13 Polisher with Removable Power Cord
  • 2" and 3" Backing Plate
  • 2x 4" RUPES Yellow Foam Pads for 3" Backing Plate
  • 2x 2.5" RUPES Yellow Foam Pads for 2" Backing Plate 
  • 250ml Sonax Perfect Finish One Step Polish

Expanding upon our market leading and innovative G8 Mini Random Orbital chassis, our new G13 Mini Long-Throw Orbital features professional-grade components packaged for users of any skill level can achieve show-winning results. In rare air with our powerful large format long-throw buffers, its 13mm orbit and included 2" and 3" backing plates create a complementary tool capable of supreme control and agility to precisely and efficiently address tight spaces, edge work, door jambs, and more. The CNC, electroplated aluminum counterbalance, combined with pro-grade hub translates to silky-smooth operation and massive pad rotation. The G13 delivers 62% more cutting action than the G8 and offers industry leading correction capability making it a natural stable mate alongside our G15 or G21 Long-Throw Orbitals. The epitome of performance, control, and comfort.


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