The Clean Garage Pressure Washer Shelves | 2 Options Now Available

The Clean Garage  Pressure Washer Shelves | 2 Options Now Available

The Clean Garage now has 2 custom pressure washer shelves in stock

Whether you have a stainless or black theme going in your garage we have you covered. 

Our Stainless Steel Wall Mount Pressure Washer Shelf | 20" x 10"

Proudly designed and manufactured in Pennsylvania from 18 Gauge #430 Brushed Stainless Steel CNC Bent and Laser Cut with our logo We have designed what we feel is the perfect wall mount pressure washer shelf. This was designed with 2 of our top sellers in mind: The Kranzle 1622 TS and The AR630-TSS. However it will work with many other models as well, please review the dimensions below. These are also great for any general storage of detail or garage supplies! Main Shelf is: 20" x 10" x 1" Mounting Brackets are spaced 18" for standard stud spacing. The main shelf has 4 threaded mounting points underneath with included nuts to attach the mounting brackets.

Our Poka Premium Pressure Washer Shelf | 18" x 8"

We worked closely with our friends at Poka Premium in Poland to design this pressure washer shelf that is available exclusively at The Clean Garage. It is slightly smaller than our Stainless Steel shelf to keep cost down and work in tight areas. It was designed to work with our Kranzle 1622TS, AR630, AR675 and Active pressure washer offerings. But will also work with others, make sure you measure the base of yours before ordering. Because of the small footprint of the shelf we suggest adding mounting holes to secure your specific pump. If mounting to drywall we suggest mounting a board to your studs and our shelf to the board if putting a heavy pressure washer on it. The Main shelf is 18" x 8" x 1" - it includes 4 mounting screws and nuts to attach the shelf to the 2 legs. The front scews can also be used to secure these POKA items (sold separate): Poka Premium Wall Mount Pressure Washer Short Gun Holder Poka Premium Wall Mount Universal "C" Holder | 1.5" Bracket Hardware for mounting brackets to the wall not included as this will vary based on application. Please Note: Any additional products pictured are for demonstration purposes only. Not just for pressure washers! While that is what we designed it for you can store many other items on this stylish shelf that will match your other POKA items! Characteristic: 1. Made of 2 mm thick sheet metal 2. Galvanized layer - protecting against rust and corrosion 3. Powder coated - protection against scratches and fading

Nov 10th 2022

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