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The AR Blue Clean AR675 Pressure Washer Is Here!

The AR Blue Clean AR675 Pressure Washer Is Here!

Sep 9th 2021

We are thrilled to bring you our latest industrial pressure washer offering, currently available exclusively at The Clean Garage.

View The AR675TSS and Detailing Pacakges

We worked closely with our friends from AR North America to develop this unit for our customers and test it with our detailing accessories, here is why we love it:

  • 15 Amp Electrical Requirement - The AR630TSS is one of our top sellers, but the 20 amp electrical requirement does not work for everyone. The Clean Garage and AR North America have both tested this unit with our suggested detailing accessories and the draw was 11.85 AMPS and 121.7 Volts. Scroll down for more info on our testing.
  • Easily Adaptable to Detailing Accessories - The simple design of the inlet and outlet and common thread sizes make this unit easily adaptable to our MTM Hydro, Mosmatic and other aftermarket detailing accessories. Scroll down for more info on fitting sizes.
  • Can be Mounted to a Shelf or Cart- This unit fits perfectly on our Stainless Beadz Shelf for a wall mount setup or to a cart for a mobile setup. AR North America offers a folding cart AR600S-TK.
  • Great balance of GPM and PSI- Tested with a 3.5 orifice rinse nozzle the results were a consistent 1.6 GPM and 900 PSI, which in our opinion is perfect for car detailing.

Factory Information on The AR675 Model:

  • PSI Max 2000
  • GPM Max 1.7
  • Total Stop System
  • 15 AMP - 60 Hz - 120v
  • 49 Pounds
  • Professional Trigger Gun and Metal Lance with Adjustable Nozzle Included
  • 25' High Quality Steel Armed HP Hose Included
  • 20' Power Cord with GFCI
  • Garden Hose Adapter Built In
  • Triplex Pump with Ceramic Pistons and Connecting Rod System
  • Automatic Bypass Valve with Pump Head Pressure Discharge
  • Single Phase Induction Motor with Thermal Protection
  • Pressure Adjustment (Knob on top)

Looking for a complete detail package? Check out all of our AR675 kits here: AR675 TSS

Piecing your own detailing package together? Here is what The Clean Garage and AR North America Suggest:

  • Rinse Nozzles:
    • Optimal Choice: 3.5 orifice (our testing resulted in 1.61 GPM, 900psi and 11.21 AMP draw)
    • For Higher PSI: 3.0 orifice (our testing resulted in 1.55 GPM, 1100psi and 12.52 AMP draw)
  • Foam Cannon:
    • 1.25mm orifice should be used (our testing resulted in 1.6 GPM, 950psi and 11.85 AMP draw)
  • Hose:
    • Our testing was done with a 3/8" diameter 50' Kobrajet Hose
    • AR North America does not suggest using a hose longer than 50'. While it can be easily done you risk pressure loss and added stress on your pump.
  • Quick Connects and Fitting Sizes:
    • Pump Inlet: The unit comes with a standard 3/4" GHT Female adapter installed, so a standard garden hose will connect to it without any other parts needed.
      • If you want to convert your inlet to quick connects you will need a Garden Hose QC Plug and Garden Hose QC Coupler. We have both listed in brass and stainless.
    • Pump Outlet: This unit has the most common size pump outlet M22 14MM Male
      • To adapt this to a 3/8" Plug you will need part number 24.5014 (For aftermarket hoses with a 3/8" coupler)
      • To adapt this to a 3/8" Coupler you will need part number 24.0448 (For aftermarket hoses with a 3/8" plug)
    • AR Factory Hose and Spray Gun:
      • The included AR hose is M22 14mm Female on both ends, To convert this to a 3/8" Quick Connect Coupler use part number 24.0447 or 24.5021
      • The included AR Spray Gun is M22 14mm Male. To convert this to a 3/8" Quick Connect Coupler use part number 24.5014

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