PRIMA Quick Connects - Made In The USA

PRIMA Quick Connects - Made In The USA

Mar 16th 2023

The all new Prima Stainless Steel quick connects are now available at The Clean Garage. 

These are proudly made in the USA by VELOCI the same great company bringing MTM to the USA?? 

What makes them better?

? 303 stainless-steel sourced from the City of Steel - Pittsburgh, PA USA

? 100% machined to precise specifications: +/- 127µm, +/- 1º on working angular surfaces

? 3x more precise than the competition; precision means better fit and longer life

? Quality controlled by digital comparator

? De-burred and washed for premium polish and smoothest action in the industry

? EPDM seals for high temperature and chemical tolerance We currently have our 4 most commonly used fittings in stock, as well as an “upgrade kit” with 5 fittings for common setups. Any pressure washer kit or assembled item we offer will continue to use our entry level MTM fittings, these will need to be purchased separately as an upgrade.