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Koch Chemie Ceramic Allround C0.02 | Now Available At The Clean Garage

Koch Chemie Ceramic Allround C0.02 | Now Available At The Clean Garage

Oct 18th 2022

Optimized processing through increased flash-off time

Ceramic Allround C0.02 now available at The Clean garage, stands out from the crowd of ceramic coating thanks to its increased flash-off time. During the approx. 6-8 minutes, a user manages to coat a hood with Ceramic Allround C0.02 before having to start polishing out at the starting point. The total number of work steps (coating, polishing out) is thus significantly reduced. As with our C0.01, the C0.02 can be buffed-off very easily for a streak-free result.

Increased service life and other properties of C0.02

  • Long-lasting protection of the surface with a service life of 20-24 months (one coat)
  • When two coats are applied, the service life increases to 26-30 months
  • Increased flash-off time of 6-8 minutes and thus easy processing
  • Smooth, hydrophobic surface with lotus effect
  • Gloss stable even after use of acidic and alkaline cleaners
  • Protection of the clearcoat against corrosive and acidic products in the pH range 5 to 12
  • Easy-to-clean properties, so that dirt adheres less easily and the surface can be cleaned gently
  • Protection of the sealed surface against environmental influences such as UV radiation, road salt, bird droppings and rust
  • Aftercare with topper product Spray Sealant S0.02 to preserve the ceramic coating and minimize water spots

The chemistry behind it

Untreated paint does not have a smooth surface. This causes diffuse light reflections. [A] Water does not bead off easily and dirt sticks better. Deep scratches, unevenness and holograms are removed by the paint preparation. The paint surface is now homogeneous and smooth, so that light is reflected optimally and evenly. This creates the extremely glossy paint surface, which is still unprotected. [B]

The treatment with Ceramic Allround C0.02 forms a thin ceramic coating on the surface. The ingredients of the ceramic sealant react with the humidity in the ambient air during application, crystallize and form a molecular matrix structure. After the drying is completed, the coating is stable in the long term, highly resilient and hard. Unlike waxes or polishes, Ceramic Allround C0.02 does not simply lie on the surface, but bonds with it. [C]

For safety reasons not full to the brim

It is not a production error or reason for complaint that the Ceramic Allround C0.02 bottle is not filled to the brim. During storage of the ceramic sealant, a certain pressure is created by the contained ingredients. The glass bottle with 100ml filling volume is therefore only filled with 75ml for safe storage of the product. The remaining 25ml thus offer enough space (gas volume) to buffer the pressure build-up. Thus, the container remains tight and the ceramic sealant does not leak. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended to store the Ceramic Allround C0.02 bottles upright only.

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