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 NexDiag NexPTG Professional Paint Coating Thickness Depth Gauge

NexDiag NexPTG Professional Paint Coating Thickness Depth Gauge

Jun 15th 2021

A quality...affordable...paint coating thickness gauge is something we have been looking to offer for quite some time. After some testing it was an easy decision for us to offer these NexPTG guages.

NexPTG devices are the most innovative wireless thickness gauges on the market. NexPTG devices perform 10 measurements per second and show very precise readings, what is more, it can be used to check virtually any car. NexPTG automatically recognizes and tests the lacquer coating on steel and aluminium elements.

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NexPTG – Professional
An advanced version of the NexPTG, lacquer thickness gauge, which enables fast, accurate and intuitive vehicle testing. The Professional version has a movable head allowing for precise measurements on concave and convex elements.

NexPTG has a dedicated application. You can install it on any mobile device equipped with iOS or Android. The dedicated application will allow you to examine the lacquer coat with unprecedented accuracy and precision.

iOS or Android device required

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