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RUPES DA Compound & Polish Sample Box Kit | 4 125ml Bottles

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RUPES DA Compound & Polish Sample Box Kit | 4 125ml Bottles

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RUPES DA Compound & Polish Sample Box Kit | 4 125ml Bottles | The Clean Garage

The all new DA system from RUPES, our combo includes 4 different 125ml bottles, which are color coded to their new pads:

Rupes Uno Protect 125ml 

RUPES UNO PROTECT is an “all-in-one” compound, polish, and protectant that can remove light defects and leave a high-gloss, protected finish, in just one-step.

UNO PROTECT produces rapid results with minimal effort

Rupes DA Coarse Compound 125ml

Simply a new standard. This all-new, high performance, polishing compound has been formulated by RUPES to expand your expectations for what a coarse compound can do. More defect removal? Check. A better finish? Absolutely. Less dusting? Effortless wipe off? Even easier to use? Yes, yes, and yes! BigFoot D-A COARSE offers incredible performance on all orbital polishers; Gear-Driven and Random Orbital.

Rupes DA Fine Polishing Compound 125ml

The result of extensive testing to develop a fine polish that combines noticeable cutting performance with impressive finishing capability. The proprietary formula developed and blended in-house by RUPES is designed to perform with both large stroke random orbital polishers and gear-driven orbital polishers. When combined with RUPES specially designed yellow foam, wool, or microfiber pads DA-FINE delivers a much higher level of defect removal when compared to traditional fine polishing compounds. More cut, yet still provides the incredibly high finish quality and easy wipe off expected from a product formulated for final finishing after a coarse cutting compound. BigFoot D-A FINE HIGH-PERFORMANCE POLISHING COMPOUND is body shop safe and performs well on clear coat, single-stage paint, gelcoat, varnish, and more.

Rupes UNO Pure Ultrafine Finishing Polish 125ml

UNO PURE is a universally compatible, ultra-fine abrasive polish designed for use on all tool types, including Rotary, Random Orbital, or Gear-Driven Orbital. The proprietary formula developed and blended in-house by RUPES, uses the latest in abrasive technology to produce the highest possible optical clarity and reflectivity when used with RUPES BigFoot polishing system tools and pads. UNO PURE is ideal for very soft or haze-prone paints and can be used in jeweling applications to create a show car finish, even on dark colors. The absence of fillers, ease of use, easy wipe-off ensure the best user experience. The body shop safe formulation makes it the ideal solution for a variety of applications.