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Rupes Blue Wool Pad Coarse Cutting 3.5" | For 3" Backing Plate

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Rupes Blue Wool Pad Coarse Cutting 3.5" | For 3" Backing Plate

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Rupes Blue Wool Pad Coarse Cutting 3.5" | For 3" Backing Plate


Engineered to reduce drag on the paint, RUPES BigFoot Blue Coarse Wool Pads the ideal choice for maximum paint defect removal when used on BigFoot Random Orbital, Gear-Driven “Mille”, and Triple-Action Polishers. The dual- fibers’ short lengths effectively transfer the orbital movement to the paint for fast cutting, while the blue foam support allows for the pad to conform to body panel shapes and contours. RUPES BigFoot Zephir Gloss Coarse Compound is recommended on Random Orbital and Triple-Action Polishers; RUPES BigFoot Mille Coarse Compound is recommended on Gear-Driven “Mille” Polishers. Ideal for all paint finishes.

Wool pads have been used by technicians with traditional rotary polishers since the advent of paint polishing. Now, thanks to RUPES’ engineering team, that traditional technology has been re-imagined to allow it to allow the performance of wool to be experienced on the new generation of dual-action polishers: BigFoot Random Orbital, Gear-Driven, and Triple-Action. The BigFoot Wool Pads feature natural wool fibers (dual-density for the Blue Coarse and a longer single density for the Yellow Medium) attached to color-coordinated foam supports. BigFoot Wool Pads are the perfect blend of old-school polishing and cutting-edge advancement for maximum results brought to market by the relentless pursuit of innovation by the RUPES product development and engineering teams.