Griots Garage The Boss Paint Thickness Gauge | Paint Depth Gauge

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Griots Garage The Boss Paint Thickness Gauge | Paint Depth Gauge

THE BOSS™ Paint Thickness Gauge is a precise instrument that quickly measures paint film thickness on ferrous and non-ferrous metal substrates.

THE BOSS Paint Thickness Gauge is a tool that every serious detailer should have in their arsenal. This gauge allows you to eliminate all questions or doubt when performing paint corrections, specifically on classic vehicles or older paint finishes. Easily read any ferrous or non-ferrous metal substrate to determine the thickness of the paint and get an idea of how much correction is possible before diving into thorough paint correction processes. In most cases, you can safely remove up to a half a mil of film for severe defect removal. Save yourself from unexpected surprises when purchasing a vehicle by measuring the paint system to check for prior repairs or undisclosed damage. Even add value to the sale of original or classic vehicles by honestly showing the true thickness of the paint. The convenient iOS app allows you to easily read multiple data points, observe trends, and save vehicle profiles with full paint measurement information.

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