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C6 Ceramics Hydro Lite 30ml | 6 Year Ceramic Paint Coating

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C6 Ceramics Hydro Lite 30ml | 6 Year Ceramic Paint Coating

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  • DIY Detail and C6 Ceramics Foam Coating Applicator | Red The Clean Garage
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C6 Ceramics Hydro Lite 30ml | 6 Year Ceramic Paint Coating

This coating does not include an applicator, we offer the option to add one above.

C6 Ceramics Hydro Lite is our 6 year super hydrophobic ceramic coating. The formula contains Polysilazane, Silicon Carbide, Silicon Nitride, Silicon Dioxide and Refined Detonated Nano Diamonds.

This reactively blended coating is made in the USA to be the best professional ceramic coating available without the need of certification.

If you’re looking for unparalleled hydrophobics and gloss in an easy to apply coating, C6 Ceramics Hydro Lite is for you. 


How do I apply the C6 coatings?

  • Starting with 10 drops on your applicator and apply, then 1-2 drops when needed (Less is more)

Does the coating flash?

  • C6 coatings rainbow; you can wait til almost done to level

What if I level too soon?

  • If the surface feels grabby, stop and wait a little longer

Video to apply 


How long after application can you drive into the elements?

  • Only 1 hour is required after coating, 7 days until 1st wash

What temperature restrictions are there?

  • Coating must be applied in weather above 50F

How does Hydro Light compare to DIY Coatings?

  • Hydro Lite is at the top (3,5,8; the stack; then hydro light)

How do I maintain the coating?

  • Your normal wash, decontamination (when needed) and drying process. DIY Detail Products are maintenance for C6

Why Detonated Nano Diamonds?

  • DND better attracts to the paint, holds the coating components together and eliminates fracturing also