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C6 Ceramics Hydro Glass 30ml | Glass Coating

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C6 Ceramics Hydro Glass 30ml | Glass Coating

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C6 Ceramics Hydro Glass 30ml | Glass Coating

This coating does not include an applicator, we offer the option to add one above.

C6 Ceramics Hydro Glass is a purpose designed glass coating. The single component coating is designed to start repelling water at lower speeds, and keep your windows clear.

Installation Instructions:

Wash and decontaminate the surfaces to be coated.

Polish with DIY Detail Gold Standard Polish

Clean surface with DIY Detail Panel Prep

Apply a few drops of C6 Ceramics Hydro Glass to the included applicator.

Apply in a circular motion, insuring full coverage.

Allow to cure for 10 mins or more, you will observe a white haze.

Once cured, wipe off haze with a plush microfiber towel.

Do not come in contact with water for a minimum of 1 hour.