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YUM Wash MF 1 Liter | Microfiber Towel Cleaner Wash | The Clean Garage

Our dedicated Microfibre Wash has been designed to help revive and restore your dirty microfibre towels by giving them the ultimate deep clean that is 100% safe. The special blend of cleaners contained within our formula will emulsify all the protective products during the machine rotations to give you softer and brighter microfibre straight out of the wash.

  • Emulsifies protective products, such as waxes and sealants.
  • Results in softer, brighter microfibre.
  • Contains a special blend of cleaners.

Taking care of your microfibre is so important to not only prolong their life span, but to also ensure the safest possible wash.

A lot of paint marring is caused by either using bad quality microfibre towels or microfibre not being taken care of and washed properly. It is so easy to pick up dirt within the fibres which become trapped over time and cause damage to your paintwork. This is usually also the reason for the streaking on glass, as people do not wash the microfibre correctly, sometimes, not even at all, but wonder why this problem continues to happen.

Time and dedication should be taken when washing microfibre and if done right, they will last you years to come.

Yum Wash MF has been designed to remove all of the hydrophobic properties that spray sealants and waxes leave behind in your towel fibres over time.

Our 1 litre specially designed bottle makes it easy for you to measure out your washing dose straight into your washing machine, so you will never overuse the product. Simply measure the amount needed into the side of the dosing bottle, remove the lid and empty into the washing machine where no further product will be released from the cap once opened.

We recommend 30ml of Yum Wash MF for lightly dirty towels, and 60ml for larger, soiled loads.

For best results on extremely dirty towels, pre-soak towels in product and warm water prior to washing.

Always wash microfibre on a warm heat setting and dry on a low heat setting or air dry.


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  • 5
    Cleans wonderfully

    Posted by Kevin M on Sep 12th 2023

    As the title says, it cleans really well and microfibers come out like new. Bonus points for great smell and fantastic bottle.

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