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ScanGrip PowerBank | Power Bank For iMatch iView Head Lamps

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ScanGrip PowerBank | Power Bank For iMatch iView Head Lamps

Taking advantage of the newest battery technology, the compact and high-quality powerbank is designed for the SCANGRIP I-VIEW headlamp 03.5626 but can be used for recharging any SCANGRIP work light as well as other devices.

The powerbank is designed with a battery and charging indicator. It also features an intelligent load detection which means it automatically turns power on/off when load is connected/removed.

The modern and lightweight design makes the powerbank easy and convenient to take with you everywhere you go. The housing is made of anodised aluminium for high durability which means it can withstand the demanding work environment of the workshop, van or building site.

Powerbank bringing extra life to I-VIEW and I-Match Head Lamps
To increase the operating time of the I-VIEW headlamp, simply attach the powerbank to the flexible clip holder on the head band and connect the cable to the headlamp.

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