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Rupes LK900E Mille Gear Driven Polisher Complete Kit | Bigfoot Bag Combo

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Rupes LK900E Mille Gear Driven Polisher Complete Kit | Bigfoot Bag Combo

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Rupes LK900E Mille Gear Driven Polisher Complete Kit | Bigfoot Bag Combo

Kit includes:

  • (1)LK900E Polisher
  • (1) 981.089 150mm/6in backing plate
  • (1)980.037 125mm/5in backing plate
  • (1)9.DACOARSE250 250ml coarse compound
  • (1)9.DAFINE250 250ml fine compound
  • (1)9.DAPURE250 250ml ultrafine polish
  • (1)9.DA150H coarse blue foam pad
  • (1)9.DA150M fine yellow foam pad
  • (1)9.DA150S ultrafine white foam pad
  • (1)9.BW150H coarse wool pad
  • (1)9.BW150M medium wool pad
  • (3) microfiber cloths
  • (1) 9.BF7001 Claw Pad Tool
  • (1) 9.Z1024 Cable Clamp
  • (1) 9.Z868 detailing apron
  • (1)Semi-rigid BigFoot carrying bag

Featuring a wide assortment of new, innovative features as well as a revolutionary clockwise rotational movement the BIGFOOT Mille delivers powerful defect removal, versatility, and consistent performance in an ergonomic package designed with operator comfort and efficiency of work in mind.

The RUPES BigFoot Mille LK 900E was designed with the aim of providing a forced rotation machine that offered faster-cutting capability than other gear driven models and also faster cutting than the BigFoot LHR21 Mark II polishers. As a result, the Mille provides exceptional cutting power with minimal heat generation and very little steering, more in line with a standard DA. The RUPES-designed Mille's electric motor allows it to operate with a clockwise rotation, reducing unwanted lateral movement and therefore reducing operator fatigue.

The new variable speed dial gives the user the ability to easily adjust the speed needed for specific applications. The dial has been efficiently placed for easy adjustments during polishing and includes larger numbers and a click sensation to indicate speed changes. It is also protected by a rubber guard that will prevent any damage when placed on a cart or table between uses.

In addition to the new variable speed dial, the Mille includes a progressive trigger which acts as a throttle allowing the user to control speeds within the dial range. This will help deliver the exact desired speed and allow quick adjustments when needed without interruption to the work process.

Last but not least the Mille features an extra long 29.5 ft heavy duty power cord.


Made in: Italy

RPM: 265-535

Orbit: 5 mm (3/16")

Power: 900 W

Weight: 6.17 lbs

Backing Plate Dia: Includes 125 mm (5 inch) and 150 mm (6 inch) backing plate

Backing Plate Thread: 6 x M4

Cord Length: 29.5 feet