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Prima 3/8" Stainless Steel Quick Connect Upgrade Kit | Includes 5 Fittings

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Prima 3/8" Stainless Steel Quick Connect Upgrade Kit | Includes 5 Fittings | The Clean Garage

Our upgrade kit gives you 5 of the most common fittings to upgrade your pressure washer setup. Please remember every setup is different so you may need more fittings or less.

Out Kit Includes:

  • 2x 56.0063 3/8" Female Couplers - Commonly used on your pressure washer hose(s). If you do not have a reel you likely have 2 of these on your main hose. If you are using a hose reel like our COX Reel you likely have 1 on your main hose and 1 on your jumper hose. If you are using a reel like the MTM on we offer you may have 2 on your jumper hose and need to purchase an additional one. It also possible you have a plug on your hose and this setup may not be right for you.
  • 1x 56.0082 3/8" Male Plug - Commonly used on the inlet of your spray gun.
  • 1x 56.0062 1/4" Male Coupler - Commonly used on the outlet of your spray gun.
  • 1x 56.0080 1/4" Male Plug - Commonly used on the inlet of your foam cannon

Veloci’s American-made Prima quick connects are made of the highest quality American stainless-steel. 100% machined from round bar stock at our manufacturing facility in Minnesota. What makes PRIMA better than the rest?

  • 303 stainless-steel sourced from the City of Steel - Pittsburgh, PA USA
  • 100% machined to precise specifications: +/- 127µm, +/- 1º on working angular surfaces
  • 3x more precise than the competition; precision means better fit and longer life
  • Quality controlled by digital comparator
  • De-burred and washed for premium polish and smoothest action in the industry
  • EPDM seals for high temperature and chemical tolerance

Stainless-steel fittings offer anti-corrosive properties and reliable performance. They are commonly found at all joints where high pressure fluid may need to be disconnected after use. Other areas such as lances, tips, and foam cannons are convenient places to install these QC's. As a rule of thumb, Veloci’s 3/8" fittings are normally found between the pump and the spray gun where 3/8" hose is commonly used. When purchasing plugs and couplers the male fitting has exposed threads while the female fitting has threads on the interior of the fitting. See image for reference.

All Veloci fittings are National Pipe Thread (NPT) which means they have a tapered male or female thread (depending upon the model). NPT is mainly used in North America and was developed on the concept of interference by the third thread. When installing NPT fittings to another NPT thread we recommend that you use 4-5 wraps of Teflon tape wound clockwise, or 2-3 drops of Loctite thread sealant.

British Standard Pipe Thread (BSP) is found in the European market and has a different thread pitch than NPT. BSP is also considered a 'straight thread' which means it has no taper at the end. When installing NPT on BSP or vice versa, use 6-7 wraps of Teflon or 2-3 drops of Loctite and tighten accordingly. When tightening opposing thread styles (BSP and NPT) you will experience more interference sooner and you will not be able to tighten the fitting as far as like-threads, but will still have a tight seal, just make sure to use the recommended amount of Teflon tape or Loctite.

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