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Pinky Edgeless Pearl Weave Microfiber Towel | Coating or Polish Removal and Interior

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Pinky Edgeless Pearl Weave Microfiber Towel | Coating or Polish Removal and Interior

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The Clean Garage Pinky Edgeless Pearl Weave Microfiber Towel | Coating or Polish Removal and Interior

The Clean Garage's all new line of microfiber towels is here! We have spent years finding the right manufacturer to bring our customers the best combination of quality and value...and it is now here!

All single towels are part of our MIX and MATCH TOWEL & PAD deal (scroll down for more details)

Also available in bulk packs and full cases here: 

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This is a great towel to keep on hand at an even better price. We use them for polish removal, ceramic coating leveling and interior cleaning...but the uses are endless! 

When compared to our previous pearl weave towel offering the largest improvements are a superior korean microfiber material and edgeless design.

Size: 16 x 16 Inches

Color: Bright Pink

Blend: 70% Polyester / 30% Polyamide 

Weight: 320 GSM (Grams per Square Meter)

Border/Edging: EDGELESS Knife-Cut and Tumble

Material: 100% Korean Pearl Weave Microfiber

Country of Origin: South Korea


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Microfiber Towels are one of our most discussed topics with our customers at The Clean Garage. For 2020 we are excited to launch our all new line of Clean Garage Microfiber products offering our customers an even better value! We will still be stocking some of our favorites from our other vendors as well. After years of trial and error testing almost every brand on the market we have put together a collection of our favorites. Each towel we offer has been hand tested by the team at The Clean Garage and found to have the best mix of performance and value. We don't want our customers to go broke buying towels that have been repackaged and marked up. When you look at our collection take note that most towels are offered in different colors to help simplify your detailing routine. We suggest you use one color towel for each segment of your routine. With each towel in our collection you will find a complete description and suggested uses. If you any questions about our towels or which one to use feel free to send us a message using our contact form or email , we would love to hear from you!


  • Wash prior to use: to remove residual lint and dye from the manufacturing process
  • Wash separate from cotton products: so foreign lint is not picked up
  • Wash light and dark separate: darker colors can bleed, microfiber is not color fast
  • Do not use bleach: it can break down the fibers making them fragile & less absorbent
  • Machine dry on low heat or line dry: high heat can melt the fibers lessening the cleaning ability and making them rough
  • Do not use fabric softeners: they leave film and clog the "micro" fibers
  • For best results use Micro-Restore Microfiber Towel Wash Detergent 32oz.; only 2 oz. needed per 5 gallon load Household laundry detergents may not be effective at fully cleaning microfiber, and may leave a residue after washing