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P&S Dream Maker 16oz | Show Car Gloss Amplifier Spray

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P&S Dream Maker 16oz | Show Car Gloss Amplifier Spray

Why Buy This Product?

  • A pure gloss enhancer for exterior surfaces!
  • The perfect finishing touch for show cars and car meets
  • Will not negatively affect coatings or hydrophobic finishes
  • Safe for paint, glass, and trim

The P&S Dream Maker will allow you to quickly and easily enhance gloss on anything from a daily driver to a show car! This unique product was not designed with protection in mind, but instead with just a huge boost of gloss to your paintwork.

Dream Maker was made in collaboration with Gordon McCall, they write about him "(he) spent the early years of his automotive career as a pioneering elite level detailer. Producing award winning finishes for car shows throughout the world, Gordon turned his attention from preparing cars for shows, to creating shows of his own. Combining a 40 year history with P&S, and with Renny Doyle, it was only natural to collaborate on a high level finish product to help produce the maximum gloss on vehicles at a car show. As Gordon says, "Semper Lucet", Always Shining."

At a car show it can be hard to stand out with so many amazing vehicles around so that perfect finishing touch is needed. Dream Maker is the last step to make your paint really pop. You may have already protected your paint but you want that extra deep gloss, which makes Dream Maker the right choice! To apply, make sure the paint is clean and spray directly onto the paint or panel, one section at a time. You can apply it to a wet surface, or dry. Just spray 1-2 sprays per panel and work the product in with a premium microfiber towel. The application is really that easy and it will only enhance gloss, it will not negatively affect coatings or hydrophobic finishes. Apply it to your paint, glass, coated smooth trim, and more. What are you waiting for, turn heads at your next car show with the P&S Dream Maker!

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