Eagle Abrasives

Eagle Abrasives Tolecut Complete Starter Kit | For Sanding Small Areas

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Eagle Abrasives Tolecut Complete Starter Kit | For Sanding Small Areas

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Eagle Abrasives Tolecut Complete Starter Kit | For Sanding Small Areas

Tackle any imperfection imaginable with the full Tolecut line with compatible blocks & cards.

The Complete Starter Kit comes with 1 sheet each of every grade in every form factor.


  • 191-1521 Tolecut 8-Cut Black K-3000 1 sheet
  • 191-1528 Tolecut 8-Cut Blue K-2500 1 sheet
  • 191-1522 Tolecut 8-Cut Green K-2000 1 sheet
  • 191-1523 Tolecut 8-Cut Pink K-1500 1 sheet
  • 191-1526 Tolecut 8-Cut Orange K-1200 1 sheet
  • 191-1527 Tolecut 8-Cut Yellow K-800 1 sheet
  • 191-1511 Tolecut Full Sheet Black K-3000 1 sheet
  • 191-1519 Tolecut Full Sheet Blue K-2500 1 sheet
  • 191-1512 Tolecut Full Sheet Green K-2000 1 sheet
  • 191-1513 Tolecut Full Sheet Pink K-1500 1 sheet
  • 191-1516 Tolecut Full Sheet Orange K-1200 1 sheet
  • 191-1517 Tolecut Full Sheet Yellow K-800 1 sheet
  • 191-1546 Tolecut 4-Cut Orange K-1200 1 sheet
  • 191-1547 Tolecut 4-Cut Yellow K-800 1 sheet
  • 971-0047 Toleblock S 1 block
  • 971-0056 Toleblock QS 1 block
  • 971-0055 Toleblock M 1 block
  • 971-0048 Tolecard 1 card

The Clean Garage introduces the most advanced and smart system for taking care of dust nibs and runs on topcoat finishing. The Tolecut Touch-Up system utilizes state of the art Dry Lube technology to prevent both loading and deep scratches. This dry application allows constant progress monitoring for delicate jobs.

Nibs and runs can be eliminated effectively and efficiently by Tolecut with either Tolecard or Toleblock. Speedy and extremely uniform finishes which can be removed easily by Buflex or any micro finishing compound.


  • Eliminates Dust Nibs & Paint Runs
  • Fast & Efficient Cutting Power
  • Extremely Shallow Scratches
  • Ideal for Waterborne & High Solid Paint Systems
  • Dry Application Allows Easy Monitoring of Working Area

 Part of our Every Day Mix and Match Discount- Multi-Packs count as 1 unit