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Black All Purpose 380 GSM Microfiber Towel Edgeless | Full Case 240 | Save 10% In Cart

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Black All Purpose 380 GSM Microfiber Towel Edgeless | Full Case 240 | Save 10% In Cart

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The Clean Garage Black All Purpose 380 GSM Microfiber Towel Edgeless | Full Case 240 | Save 10% In Cart

By popular demand our premium microfiber towels are now available in full cases - add any case to your cart and save 10% an extra instantly!

Looking for the perfect towel for dirty jobs towel? This laser cut edgeless towel is exactly what you have been looking for. Our laser cut edgeless towel ensures that there will be no scratches when detailers are removing product.

These towels are great for wheels, tires, engine bays, wheel wells, door jambs and anywhere else where a plush towel is not needed.

Lint-free and soft to the touch, this microfiber towel will not scratch. Once used, it washes easily.

Dimensions: 16” x 16”
Fabric: Microfiber – 70% polyester, 30% polyamide
Texture: Smooth
Edge: Edgeless Laser Cut
GSM: 380

You can buy them individually as well here:

Black All Purpose 380 GSM Microfiber Towel | Edgeless | 16x16

Microfiber Towels are one of our most discussed topics with our customers at The Clean Garage. After years of trial and error testing almost every brand on the market we have put together a collection of our favorites. Each towel we offer has been hand tested by the team at The Clean Garage and found to have the best mix of performance and value. We don't want our customers to go broke buying towels just because some guy repackaged them and put his name on the bag. When you look at our collection take note that each towel is offered in a different color to help simplify your detailing routine. We suggest you use one color towel for each segment of your routine. With each towel in our collection you will find the GSM which is the weight per square meter of material, the material composition, the size and our suggested uses. If you have any questions about our towels or which one to use feel free to send us a message using our contact form or email , we would love to hear from you!

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine Wash with Mild Liquid Detergent (Free of Dyes, Fragrances, Bleach and Softeners). Tumble Dry Low, and Do NOT Iron. Do NOT Use Any Fabric Softener as this Clogs the Microfibers and Reduces Performance. Do NOT Use Chlorine Bleach. Wash Only with Other Non-Linting Materials (NO Cotton!) to Maintain Proper Dirt-Gripping Properties.
Always wash new microfiber towels prior to first use.
Always wash newer black, orange, red and other dark colored towels separately from lighter colored towels to mitigate the risk of dye bleeding.