Active 2.3 Pressure Washer | Level 3 Detailing Kit | MTM Hose Gun Wand Foam Cannon

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Active 2.3 Pressure Washer | Level 3 Detailing Kit | MTM Hose Gun Wand Foam Cannon

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Active 2.3 Pressure Washer | Level 3 Detailing Kit | MTM Hose Gun Wand Foam Cannon

The Active 2.3 is now in stock and available for shipment. As long as the product page shows ADD TO CART we have units in stock ready to ship. If stock runs out it will change to a PRE-ORDER with estimated ship date.

Our Level 3 Package Includes:

  • MTM Acqualine Spray Nozzle 4.5 Orifice 40 Degree (16.7025)
  • (2) M22 14mm to 3/8" SS Quick Connect Plug for Pump Outlet (24.5014)
  • One for your pressure washer pump outlet and one for your factory pressure washer wand
  • (2) SS Garden Hose Quick Connect Couplers (24.0631)
  • (2) SS Garden Hose Quick Connect Plugs (24.5002)

An important note on this kit/pressure washer:

  • Active suggests and includes a 1.45mm orifice for the foam cannon. The PF22.2 ships with a 1.25mm installed, you will need to swap this out.

The next evolution of pro-sumer pressure washers with specs built specifically for car washing is here from Active and available at The Clean Garage

Please note: The ACTIVE 2.3 is currently only available as listed here with the factory accessories listed, we can not purchase it or sell it to you as just a pressure washer.

Looking for just the Active 2.3 OE KIT or another kit? They will all be listed here as they are available: Active 2.3

The Active 2.3 is an extension of our research in product development of the Active 2.0 and is built for the professional consumer. Continuous product testing and seeking means to improve our product offering through consumer feedback gave us the big breakthrough in developing a cohesive solution that the market needs, in terms of both the product design and performance.

The 2.3 comes equipped with an updated brass endplate 5-Piston Pro Pump and a 128 Induction motor, which gives you 2.3 GPM at 1100 PSI. The combined operating output of 2,500 cleaning units will make any cleaning task a breeze. Seriously this machine packs a punch!

The package also comes with all the basic accessories you need to get started with. This includes:

  • 1.45mm nozzle for after market foam cannons to maintain current draw under 15A.
  • Bonus mounting cage for a versatile cleaning experience.
  • 40’ steel braided rubber hose.
  • Metal pressure washer gun and lance.
  • Foam cannon and 4 nozzles (0,15,25,40).

Piecing your own detailing package together? Here is what The Clean Garage Suggests:

  • Rinse Nozzles: 
    • Optimal Choice: 4.5 Orifice
    • For Slightly Lower PSI: 5.0 Orifice
  • Foam Cannon:
  • Hose:
    • For an upgraded hose we suggest one of our 50' or 75' Kobrajet Hoses available in Black, Gray and Blue
    • You CAN run a 100' hose but may lose some pressure and it will work the pump harder
    • We suggest ordering one of our hoses with Quick Connect Couplers on both sides combined with the pump outlet adapter with plug listed below.
  • Quick Connects and Fitting Sizes:
    • Pump Inlet: The unit comes with a standard 3/4" GHT Female adapter installed, so a standard garden hose will connect to it without any other parts needed.
      • If you want to convert your inlet to quick connects you will need a Garden Hose QC Plug 24.5002 and Garden Hose QC Coupler 24.0631 . If you want both ends of your inlet hose to quick connect you will need 2 of each.
    • Pump Outlet: This unit has the most common size pump outlet M22 14MM Male
      • To adapt this to a 3/8" Plug you will need part number 24.5014 (For aftermarket hoses with a 3/8" coupler)
      • To adapt this to a 3/8" Coupler you will need part number 24.0448 (For aftermarket hoses with a 3/8" plug)
    • Active Factory Hose and Spray Gun:
      • The included ACTIVE hose is M22 14mm Female on both ends, To convert this to a 3/8" Quick Connect Coupler use part number 24.5021
      • The included ACTIVE Spray Gun Inlet is M22 14mm Male. To convert this to a 3/8" Quick Connect Plug use part number 24.5014 

Factory Product Specifications

  • Load Voltage: 120V/60 Hz
  • Rated Current: 14A
  • Power Cord: 35 ft. 14 AWG with GFCI
  • Peak Pressure: 1500 PSI
  • Working Pressure: 1100 PSI
  • Water Flow: 2.3 GPM
  • Motor: 128 Induction
  • Pump: Patented 5 Piston Reinforced Brass
  • Hose: 40 ft. Rubber with M22-14 connectors
  • Soap Application: 750ml Foam Blaster
  • Gun Assembly: Metal Construction
  • Switch: Rocker Switch


  • With frame: 20.5 x 11.5 x 12.25 inches (520 x 290 x 310mm)
  • No frame: 17.5 x 9 x 6 inches (444.5 x 228.6 x 152.4mm)


  • With frame: 45.5lbs (20kgs)
  • No frame: 29 lbs (13kgs)

Electric Requirements:

The Active 2.3 is designed to run on a 15A circuit rated at 120V/60Hz. We discourage the use of extension cords, but if one must be used, we recommend using an extension cord not longer than 50’ and it must be rated for 14 AWG. When using foam cannons, we'll be providing a 1.45mm nozzle with the 2.3 so users can work with their after market foam cannons while maintaining current draw under 15A.

Info For Mobile Detailer Setups:

  • Industry standard states your pump must be gravity fed when being fed from a water tank
    • The tank should be AT LEAST 12" above the pump
    • The tank should be as close to the pump as possible
    • The inlet hose diameter should be doubled in size when gravity feeding (1.5")
    • These are just guidelines to help you with your custom setup. You will need to make sure you have the minimum required inlet pressure and flow which is 40 PSI and 4.8 GPM to ensure the washer operates as intended.
  • Generator Requirements:
    • To properly power a commercial pressure washer long term we suggest using the following formula when determining your generator wattage:
    • AMPS X VOLTS X 3 - So for this unit using the suggested accessories above you need AT LEAST 5040 RUNNING watts

Warranty Information

It is important you understand before purchasing a pressure washer the warranty is facilitated by the the manufacturer, which is in this case is Active Products. Any technical issues, warranty returns or exchanges will be facilitated directly with the manufacturer. The Clean Garage will assist you in making contact with them and anything else within our power to make the process smooth for you should an issue arise. We suggest reviewing the manufacturers full warranty policy before purchase which can be found in the manual below.

This pressure washer comes with a 2-year residential warranty and 1-year commercial warranty (read product manual for more details) This product requires registration prior to warranty support on our product registration portal. Ensure you have your purchase proof, purchase store, order ID and serial number for registration. Register Online

What if my pressure washer is not working as intended?

The first step to follow is to read your product manual for troubleshooting. We will soon be providing videos on product maintenance, upkeep and troubleshooting so this will be an additional resource as a troubleshooting guide. If product troubleshooting does fail, please ensure you email us at for agent support. Make sure to register your product prior to contacting us.

Active 2.3 Product Manual Link