Spot Free DI Rinse Replacement Resin | 1 Cubic Foot Refill

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The Clean Garage Spot Free DI Rinse Replacement Resin | 1 Cubic Foot Refill

Mixed Bed DI Resin is a high capacity, conventional strong anion and cation exchange resin designed for use in residential or industrial water treatment equipment.

- Window Washing
- Car Washing
- RV Washing
- Solar Panel Washing

- Shipping Weight, approx: 43 lb/ft3

The capacity of a DI tank is dependent on the quality of the water fed to the tank. The worse water fed to a DI tank, the less amount of gallons of pure water it will produce. The better the feed water, the more gallons of pure water the DI tank will produce. The following chart is to be used as a reference only, as to how many gallons a DI tank of this size will produce.

Feed Water Quality
Feed Water Quality
Approx. Gallons
5.0 7.8 33,628
20 31 8,407
50 78 3,251
100 156 1,625
200 313 813
500 782 325
1,000 1,560 163


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