Spot Free Car Wash System 50 | Deionized Water DI Rinse | Optional Bypass

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Now Available The Clean Garage Spot Free Car Wash System

These systems are built to order and will take between 2-5 business days to ship.

Stop paying for over priced cartridges, our systems use bulk resin that can be purchased by the cubic foot to refill!

Spot Free Car Wash System 50 | Deionized Water DI Rinse

The 50 is our compact/shorter model. Great for mobile setups, detailing carts or mounting on a shelf.

Available with 2 different inlet/outlet styles:

Our Standard system features a standard male garden hose inlet and outlet size for constant water treatment

We suggest picking up one of our female adapters to easily use 2 standard garden hoses: 3/4" Garden Hose Female to Female Twist Adapter | GHT

Our Bypass system allows you to easily turn the water treatment on and off. Simply turn both red dials inward to bypass the resin treatment.

Our ultrapure deionization tanks remove all spot causing minerals from the water fed to the tank. The water produced is an excellent use for a spot-free car and RV wash, window cleaning, and much more!

  • Comes pre-filled with .5 Cubic Foot mixed bed DI resin
  • Every batch produced by our supplier is capacity checked to ensure you only receive the highest quality tanks
  • Among the highest capacities in the industry
  • Capable of reaching a resistivity of 18.3 MegOhm•cm
  • Individually sanitized DI tanks to minimize bacteria levels
  • Extremely low TOC levels
  • Resin Capacity: .50 Cubic Foot
  • Inlet/Outlet: 3/4" GHT (male)
  • Due to the current shortage of tanks exact dimensions may vary slightly on the tanks used.


The capacity of a DI tank is dependent on the quality of the water fed to the tank. The worse water fed to a DI tank, the less amount of gallons of pure water it will produce. The better the feed water, the more gallons of pure water the DI tank will produce. The following chart is to be used as a reference only, as to how many gallons a DI tank of this size will produce.

Service Flow Rate: 3.0 GPM

Max Pressure: 125psi

Max Temperature: 120 Degrees F

Feed Water Quality
Feed Water Quality
Approx. Gallons
5.0 7.8 16,082
20 31 4,020
50 78 1,555
100 156 777
200 313 390
300 468 260
400 588 195
500 762 155
600 853 130
1,000 1,560 78

Common Sense Warning: These tanks are full of water and can not be allowed to freeze

Replacement Resin is Available Here: Spot Free DI Rinse Replacement Resin | 1 Cubic Foot Refill

To replace your resin, first unscrew and remove the black head from your tank and follow the simple instructions below:

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    Posted by Nathan Franklin on Mar 18th 2019

    Havent used yet but shipping was fast an everything was in order I cant wait for the weather to get nice to tackle all my cars

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