RUPES Skorpio III Pneumatic Random Orbital Palm Sander - 9mm

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Skorpio III 9mm - 6" Backing Plate 981.500 Included
9mm orbit for rapid material removal and maximum efficiency

No Vacuum 

The Skorpio III is what every random orbital sander user needs – an extremely quiet, well-balanced tool. The precision engineered pneumatic Skorpio III is the quietest random orbital sander in its class, plus it comes in a choice of orbit sizes to fit your particular application. The body is coated with an anti-slip rubber for better handling, the throttle lever is designed to support the operator’s wrist during operation and actually fits perfectly into the tool body to eliminate “pinch points”, the internal balancing of the components results in extremely low vibration while the double row bearings ensure greater life and smoother operation.


The high-performance motor is constructed of sintered steel and is designed to provide the optimal power to weight ratio, with reduced air consumption. Designed to minimize noise and vibration levels, the motor reduces internal friction for maximized transfer of power, simplified maintenance, and longer tool life.


The double-row ball bearing system, designed by the RUPES R&D team, results in longer bearing life, greater motor stability and the lowest vibration levels possible. The sealed bearings provide longer life and reduced maintenance, even in extended use or heavy-duty shop environments.


The RUPES R&D team dedicated significant time and effort to create a tool whose internal components are perfectly balanced to eliminate vibration. Equal amounts of research and development were dedicated to ergonomics to make the tool as comfortable as possible for an operator to use, whether that be for just a few minutes or many hours each day.