American Detailer Garage Combo Kit | F-Bomb Wipeout Valor

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American Detailer Garage Combo kit - our 3 top sellers from ADG!

American Detailer Garage F Bomb 32oz is a highly concentrated multi purpose cleaner that can be used for a variety of  applications. 

The soap based formula gives it the versatility to clean everything from  Engines & Tires to interior surfaces, and even finished leather!

Use F Bomb on paint as a presoak to remove stubborn dirt & buildup. 

American Detailer Garage Wipeout 32oz  is an eco friendly rinse free solution that offers a myriad of cleaning options. 

From exteriors to interiors.  

Wipeout Hybrid Wash is safe on all surfaces. 

American Detailer Garage Valor 16oz is a ready to use synthetic polymer surface protectant and extreme gloss enhancer. It can be sprayed on as a drying aid for Rinseless washes, or applied directly to dry paint for surface protection. 

Valor offers UV protection with hydrophobic properties that can last up to 3 months with proper maintenance. It can be applied in direct sunlight

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