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Active 2.0 Pressure Washer | Complete Wall Or Cart Mount Package | Level 5 *Pre-Order*

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$803.95 - $893.95

This is a pre-order product, we expect to have these ready to ship by Mar 10th 2023 With customs and current shipping times this may vary slightly. Orders containing this item will ship in full once available, they will not be split up.

Active 2.0 Pressure Washer | Complete Wall Or Cart Mount Package | Level 5

The Clean Garage offers a complete range of custom detailing packages for the Active 2.0 Pressure Washer. Our packages come in different "levels" with a clear listing of what parts are included. 

Check out all of our Active 2.0 Packages Here

Our Level 5 package is a turn key solution for the wall or cart mount detailing setup of your dreams. Just add your choice of shelf or cart, we offer the option to add one of our 2 shelves above or use your own. 

We worked with our friend at MTM on the custom assembled hose reel kit included to cut down on setup time.

Package Includes:

    • M22 14MM TO 3/8" Pump Outlet Adapter
    • 5' Black Kobrajet Jumper Hose - With SS 3/8" Quick Connect Couplers Install on both sides
    • 50' or 100' MTM Black Hose Reel with SS 3/8" Quick Connect Plug installed on the inlet
    • 50' or 100' Gray 4,000psi Kobrajet Hose with SS 3/8" Quick Connect Coupler installed on outlet

Optional Add On 1: Add a 20" MTM Bent Wand (must pick option above)

Optional Add On 2: Add one of our wall mount pressure washer shelves (must pick option above)

One last suggestion: Grab One of our custom Inlet Hoses Available in Different Lengths

This is a custom package assembled to optimize your car washing experience. The rinse nozzle(s) included are selected to limit pressure and maximize flow on the pressure washer, which is exactly what you want for detailing cars. Optimal PSI for washing cars without damage is 900-1100psi so you will see a reading close to that on your pressure gauge.

Looking for a different package? Send us an email and we can customize it for you!

The brand new Active 2.0 is a great entry level pressure washer for auto detailing. We tested their first version of this unit and it was not quite up to our standards, on the 2.0 version they have made some nice improvements and we are now confident offering it to you as an entry level pressure washer solution. For the price point this is a solid product, the pump is obviously not the same quality as the higher priced options we offer.

Please note: The ACTIVE 2.0 is currently only available as listed here with the factory accessories listed, we can not purchase it or sell it to you as just a pressure washer.

Why we love it:

  • Electrical Requirement - This unit will run on a standard 15 amp circuit, even with aftermarket detailing accessories(when the correct orifice sizes are used)
  • Easily Adaptable to Detailing Accessories - The simple design of the inlet and outlet and common thread sizes make this unit easily adaptable to our MTM Hydro, Mosmatic and other aftermarket detailing accessories. Scroll down for more info on fitting sizes. Also check out our complete detailing packages!
  • Can be Mounted to a Shelf or Cart- This unit is small and light, it works great on a shelf or cart and can also be moved around easily when needed
  • Great balance of GPM and PSI- With a 4.5 orifice nozzle we are seeing about 2.0 gallons per minute and 900psi which is perfect for washing cars. You can lower the orifice size to get more pressure or raise it to get more flow.
  • A great starting point - Because of the common M22 14mm outlet size any detailing accessories or packages you buy from us for this unit can be used later with units like the Kranzle 1622TS or AR630-TSS if you choose to upgrade in the future.

Factory Information on The Active 2.0 Model:

Patented 5-Piston Pro Pump - The newly engineered pro pump gives the performance benefits of the Active VE52 but with TWICE THE LIFECYCLE (Increased durability has been unleased by utilizing higher resistive and Japanese/Korean imported components in pump and motor infrastructure

HIGH WATER FLOW & PRESSURE – The 1800-watt motor with the pump helps generate a peak pressure of 1800 PSI and an increased water flow of 2.0 GPM gives you 3600 cleaning units of output

HIGH QUALITY ACCESSORIES – Equipped with a 20-foot real rubber hose (M22-14mm), 4 QC nozzles (0,15,25,40), 600ml foam blaster, metal lance, gun and 35-foot electric cord with GFCI

PRESSURE HOSE - 1/4" M22-14mm Rubber Hose (20') note: M22-15mm hoses are not compatible with this pressure washer, use appropriate accessories to connect!

2 Year Residential Warranty on Full Unit & All Accessories. Contact our customer support at 1- 844-777-4555 for required assistance.


Info For Mobile Detailer Setups:

  • Industry standard states your pump must be gravity fed when being fed from a water tank
    • The tank should be AT LEAST 12" above the pump
    • The tank should be as close to the pump as possible
    • The inlet hose diameter should be doubled in size when gravity feeding (1.5")
  • Generator Requirements:
    • To properly power a commercial pressure washer long term we suggest using the following formula when determining your generator wattage:
    • AMPS X VOLTS X 3

Warranty Information

It is important you understand before purchasing a pressure washer the warranty is facilitated by the the manufacturer, which is in this case is Active Products. Any technical issues, warranty returns or exchanges will be facilitated directly with the manufacturer. The Clean Garage will assist you in making contact with them and anything else within our power to make the process smooth for you should an issue arise. We suggest reviewing the manufacturers full warranty policy before purchase which can be found here: ACTIVE WARRANTY

Register Online at
Warranty support is easily applied for products registered on our website. This enables our customer
support staff to easily access your purchase details and more easily assist you with warranty support.
If your product is not registered at point of contact with our service agents, they may require you to first
register product prior to any warranty assistance!
Always keep your on-line receipt as proof of purchase.
We’re here to help! If you have any questions or comments, call our toll-free hot-line 1-844-777-4555 or our
e-mail at Have your serial number and purchase order ID ready. The serial number
can be found on the top plate, located on the top of the unit.
Two (2) Year Limited Warranty
This product is guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship for two(2) years from the
date of its original purchase. If such a defect appears during the warranty period, upon presentation of
proof of purchase and damage, Manufacturer will elect to either 1) Replace the product entirely or provide
an appropriate part for replacement (Note: Shipping costs may apply on discretion of manufacturer) (no
labor warranty) or 2) Refund the full purchase price to the owner (at manufacturer own discretion).
What is Not Covered?
The warranty is void if the equipment is used for commercial, rental or industrial purposes.
This warranty does not cover accidental damage, unreasonable use, and normal wear and tear like belts,
chains and tine, use of improper detergents, freezing, neglect, or non-compliance with the operating
Instructions. The warranty does not cover loss of use or other consequential damages arising from any of
the above, nor does it cover repairs made or attempted by unauthorized persons.
If you have further questions, please contact us at or call 1-844-777-4555.

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