Upcoming Events


Upcoming Shows:

2020 was a strange year for shows! Check back next year for a list of events to catch us .



Cars and Coffee Fogelsville: 

Our event hosted monthly at the store from April-November. For 2020 we are going to alternate the first Saturday/Sunday of each month. Event time is 7am-9am. Dates are below, make sure you mark yourself as going or interested on the Facebook events to get reminders:

  • April 4th (Saturday)
  • May 3rd (Sunday)
  • June 6th (Saturday)
  • July 5th (Sunday)
  • August 1st (Saturday)
  • September 6th (Sunday)
  • October 3rd (Saturday)
  • November 8th (Sunday)

This is a free event to attend and all makes/models are welcome see our Event Rules/FAQ below for more details.

We will again be using this event to raise money for The Sanctuary at Haafsville animal rescue. This is an amazing local organization that is very close to our hearts. 10% of sales for the whole weekend will be donated to the Sanctuary and we will also be collecting donations. We hope that everyone who attends can drop a dollar in the bucket to help them out!

Event Rules/FAQ:

1) No we can not change the time. Cars and Coffee events are typically early and this is also the only time of day we can use the entire parking lot. Wake up early and join us, you will enjoy it!

2) All makes and models welcome of passenger cars/trucks/bikes. As long as it fits in a single parking spot you can bring it! No larger commercial vehicles please, we do not have the room currently.

3) We will have help parking cars if the lots start to fill up, please be respectful and cooperate with staff. The lot has quite a bit of room if we utilize it properly.

4) If you need a coffee or breakfast please try to get it from Dunkin Donuts next door, they are the only other business open during these hours and nice enough to let us take most of the lot over.

5) Be a good person. No burnouts/loud music/driving erratically. We will ask you to leave and not come back if we need to to keep this event safe and enjoyable for everyone.

6) We will have the store open early for this event. If you need something stop in, but do not feel obligated to buy anything...we are doing this for fun! For Saturday events the store will be open 7am-12pm and for Sunday events it will be open 7am-9am.

6) Dogs are welcome in the lot and in the store as long as they are leashed and well behaved. Same with kids(leash optional)

7) We need to clear out at 9:00 when the other stores start to open

Any questions, comments or suggestions(other than changing the time) please let us know!