The Clean Garage Ultimate Paint Correction and Polishing Starter Kit

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Paint Correction is the most important step in your detail process. It requires a lot of products to get the job done right. After years of testing we have put together this kit of all of our favorite products to help you tackle almost any paint correction efficiently. This kit makes a great starter pack or an excellent refresh for experienced detailers.

Our Kit Includes The Following and Ships Free:

(4) 6" RUPES White Foam Ultra Fine Polishing Pads

(4) 6" RUPES Yellow Foam Fine Polishing Pads

(2) 6" RUPES Coarse Wool Cutting Pad

(4) 4" RUPES White Foam Ultra Fine Polishing Pads

(4) 4" RUPES Yellow Foam Fine Polishing Pads

(2) 4" RUPES Coarse Wool Cutting Pad

(1) Sonax Perfect Finish Polish 1 Liter

(1) Sonax Cutmax Compound 1 Liter

(1) RUPES Zephir Coarse Compound Gel 250ml

(1) RUPES Keramik Fine Compound Gel 250ml

(1) RUPES Diamond Ultra Fine Compound Gel 250ml

(1) CarPro Eraser Intensive Oil and Polish Remover 1 Liter

(1) CarPro Eraser Intensive Oil and Polish Remover 500ml

(2) The Pearl Coating Removal Microfiber Towels

(2) Red Eagle Edgeless 500gsm Microfiber Towels

(2) Creature Edgeless Dual Pile Microfiber Towels


The 6" pads included work ideally with a 5" backing plate while the 4" pads included work with a 3" backing plate.

To accompany this kit we suggest the LHR15MKII 5" and LHR75E 3" Rupes polishers.  They are available for purchase separate in our store or can be added to this package above.


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