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The Clean Garage Bilt Hamber Auto Wash and Wheel Detail Kit | Level 1

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The Clean Garage Bilt Hamber Auto Wash and Wheel Detail Kit | Level 1

We could not be more excited to bring the amazing products of Bilt-Hamber in England to the United States. We know you are going to love them as much as we do so we put together two starter wash kits paired with our bucket, dirt lock and premium Korean microfiber products...all for a great price.

Our Level 1 kit is intended for a traditional bucket wash. 

Customers with a pressure wash should consider our Level 2 kit with Auto-Foam pre-wash and PF22.2 Foam Cannon:

TCG Bilt Hamber Auto Foam Cannon Wash and Wheel Detail Kit | Level 2

Kit Includes:

  • The Clean Garage Mint Green 5 Gallon Wash Bucket
  • Dirtlock Premium Double Layered Bucket Insert in Black
  • Bilt-Hamber Auto-Wash 500ml 16.9oz (Highly Concentrated see below)
  • Bilt-Hamber Auto-Wheel 1 Liter
  • TCG Mint Microfiber Wash Pad
  • TCG Mint Ultra Plush Drying Towel
  • TCG Large Microfiber Wheel Brush

More About Auto-Wash:

Highly-Concentrated. Every car shampoo says this right? Well with Auto-Wash you can use just a teaspoon, less than a 1/4 ounce, in your 5 Gallon wash bucket.

We will do the math for you: this 500ml bottle will give you over 60 washes.

  • Auto-wash is a new technology, highly powerful, environmentally friendly car shampoo.
  • Formulated to allow you to effortlessly and effectively clean your paintwork.
  • Auto-wash is anti-corrosive and suitable for bare steel too, ideal for owners of older vehicles which may have stone chips or exposed areas of mild steel.
  • This is also an advantage in modern cars where the entrapment of corrosive elements carried by some detergents in folded seams accelerates the corrosion of modern vehicles.
  • Auto-wash is very highly-concentrated, meaning that much less solution is needed to add to the water.
  • Not only do you save money, but the added benefit of this is simple - there is less matter to remove from your paintwork prior to polishing.
  • Auto-wash will dry off with ease to leave a perfectly clean body, ready for further treatment.
  • In fact, a full wash can be carried out with just a single teaspoon of auto-wash.

More About Auto-Wheel:

  • Auto-Wheel is a PH balanced, reactive, non-acid wheel cleaner that requires minimal to no agitation.
  • Your wheels are bombarded by hot particles from braking surfaces which melt into the finish making them very difficult to clean.
  • Acid based wheel cleaners attack these particles but can also harm the finish of your wheels. Auto-Wheel uses a unique chelating process which renders these embedded iron particles water-soluble, this highly effective process is much safer for the finish on your wheels as well as any protective coating that has been applied to them.

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