Rupes LHR75E Mini Polisher Kit | Sonax Polish and Pads Combo 3

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Rupes tools

Rupes LHR75E Mini Polisher Kit | Sonax Polish and Pads Combo 3

Custom Combo From The Clean Garage - Ships Free


  • (1) RUPES LHR75E Mini Random Orbital Polisher
  • (1) RUPES 3" Backing Plate
  • (1) SONAX Perfect Finish Polish 1 Liter
  • (1) SONAX CutMax Compound 250ml
  • (2) 4" RUPES White Foam DA Ultra Fine Polishing Pads
  • (4) 4" RUPES Yellow Foam DA Fine Polishing Pads
  • (2) 4" RUPES Blue Foam DA Coarse Polishing Pads
  • (2) 4" RUPES Yellow Wool Pad
  • (2) 4" RUPES Coarse Wool Cutting Pad
  • (1) CarPro Eraser Intensive Oil and Polish Remover 500ml

The Clean Garage is proud to be an authorized RUPES distributor. We have put together these custom built starter kits based on years of testing each product included. We feel these kits offer our customers the best value and most useful items at each price point offered. If you have any questions about our combo kits or want to put together a custom kit please send us a message

More about the LHR75E:

Ergonomically Perfect
With its non-slip rubber inserts on the front cover, the LHR 75E is perfect for all polishing operations in difficult to reach areas. The operator can work in perfect comfort to produce the best possible results.

Rupes LHR 75E makes polishing small body panels a breezeOn-Off Switch Lock
Lined in non-slip rubber, the on/off switch of the Rupes LHR 75E ensures a controlled soft start, giving the operator full control over the tool.

The attention to detail is not limited to just the innovative and attractive design. The modern lines and exceptional technical quality are combined with a number of details that are the result of meticulous research aimed at achieving maximum operator comfort. The non-slip rubber inserts are numerous and have many functions. In particular, the insert on the machine body is used to support the polisher when placed on a surface.

Maximum Flexibility
Thanks to the small diameter backing plate, the Rupes LHR 75E is perfect in polishing applications on small and intricate areas. The small machine dimensions and the 12 mm orbit allow comfortable handling and accuracy in detail polishing.

Electronic Speed Control Module
The speed controller is both practical and easy to use. The speed of the polisher can also be easily adjusted without interrupting the work.

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