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Clean Bucks
How do I earn Clean Bucks

How Do I Earn Clean Bucks?

How Do I Access My Clean Bucks Account?

How Do I Access My Clean Bucks Account?

How Do I Redeem My Clean Bucks?

How Do I Redeem My Clean Bucks?

How Do I Earn Clean Bucks?

Shopping Cart

It's Simple

Earn 1 Clean Buck for every $1 spent on product on our website


Signing Up

Earn bonus points by signing up to the clean garage



Earn bonus points by sharing on social media

Fire Icon


Earn bonus points on your birthday!

How Do I Access My Clean Bucks Account?

Launch Your Account

Step-by-Step Guide:

Access Clean Bucks Step 1

First login to your main account for our website, you can do so by clicking the person icon in the top right corner.

Access Clean Bucks Step 2

Next click the clean bucks widget on the bottom right hand corner of your screen to open your account.

Access Clean Bucks Step 3

You will see your balance, ways to earn and all rewards available.

How Do I Redeem My Clean Bucks?

View Step-by-Step Guide

Angle Arrow

Once logged in click Ways To Redeem on your dashboard.

Ways to Redeem Step 1

All current redemption options are shown here.

Ways to Redeem Step 2

Options you have have enough Clean Bucks for will have a VIEW button next to them.

Ways to Redeem Step 3

Click VIEW to learn more about that redemption option.

Ways to Redeem Step 4

If you are ready to cash in your Clean Bucks click the REDEEM button.

Ways to Redeem Step 5

This will generate a unique coupon code for the reward you selected.

*It is important you save this coupon code, we suggest copying it and pasting it somewhere safe.

Ways to Redeem Step 6

To use your coupon code go to your cart and paste it in the coupon code box.

Ways to Redeem Step 7

Please make sure your coupon has been properly applied before starting the checkout process, we can not apply coupons to an order after it has been placed.

Ways to Redeem Step 8

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