Chemical Guys Car Show Detailing Combo Kit | 7 Items

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Chemical Guys Car Show Detailing Combo Kit | 7 Items

All of the detailing products we stock have been tested by us and carefully selected. To make it easier for our customers to try more products we have put together some custom packages and combos with our favorites. These make it easier to try more products at a great price and also make excellent gifts! Each combo also includes a coupon for future purchases and a The Clean Garage sticker!

This kit is one of our best sellers at car shows, everything you need to get your car looking perfect for the judges:

(1) Signature Scent Air Freshener Spray (16 oz)

(1) VRP Tire and Trim Shine (16 oz)

(1) Speed Wipe Detail Spray (16 oz)

(1) Inner Clean Interior Detailer (16 oz)

(1) Plush 350GSM Microfiber Towel

(1) Pearl Interior Microfiber Towel

(1) Hex Tire Shine Applicator

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