CarPro Automotive Polishing Masking Tape – 15 mm

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Polish with confidence and never miss your mark again!

CarPro Automotive Masking Tape is an important tool for any level detailer. Mark off areas that you don’t want polished, and stay inside the detailing lines with this superior automotive masking tape. CarPro Automotive Masking Tape is heat resistant and adheres to most surface. Even better? It removes with absolutely no residue left behind. Don’t go into a full correction detail blind; use CarPro Automotive Masking Tape to help guide your way.

The use of masking tape in car detailing is relatively new, but it feels like it’s been around forever. I mean, how did people ever polish cars without it? Headlight details, metal bumper polishing, even buffing car paint in sections couldn’t be achieved without the use of a high quality masking tape. It keeps you focused on what areas need to be polished, and which areas shouldn’t be marked.

The use of an automotive masking tape is important because it’s made specifically for automotive paint. The same tape you wrap birthday presents with, should NOT be used on your car’s finish. CarPro Automotive Masking Tape uses a special adhesion, making it perfectly safe for use on automotive paint. In fact, you can leave CarPro Automotive Masking Tape on paint for up to 5 days, and it will still remove as cleanly as it would have on day one. Never worry about left over residue again!

CarPro Automotive Masking Tape is also heat resistant up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit (for short amounts of time), meaning it’s not the end of the world if your polisher grazes the tape while in use. Simply readjust and move on. CarPro Automotive Masking Tape is a whopping 130 ft. long – one of the longest available!

CarPro Automotive Masking Tape features:
No residue left behind
Heat Resistant
Vibrant red color for increased visibility
15mm x 40m


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